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Dr. John - Mama Roux

Episode 1: Desautel’s restaurant

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The Gaturs - Gatur Bait

Playing in the background in Ladonna’s bar.

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Eddie Bo - The Hook and Sling

Playing in the background of Ladonna’s bar in the scene where she says, “I married a goddamn musician.  Ain’t no way to make that shit right.”

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Kermit Ruffins - Skokiaan

During Kermit’s show at Vaughn’s.  This version comes from a live album, recorded at Vaughn’s.

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Rebirth Brass Band - Feel Like Funkin’ It Up

First song during the second line, kicking off the episode.

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Mystikal - “Bouncin’ Back”

Davis throws this (and “Shake Ya Ass”) on the speakers to anger his neighbors.

Also, turns out HBO is gonna make this easy on me, which is good, because I’m pretty far away from my wheelhouse.  Also, turns out I posted the wrong Eddie Bo song.  I might get around to fixing that.

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Louis Prima - Buona Sera

Someone needs to start a blog called “Songs From Treme”.  Please make that happen, Internet.  Thanks.



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